SB Hay and Feed began on the principle of supporting farmers in need by providing a platform for farmers with abundance to sell to farmers in shortage. We understand that finding the right hay, feed, straw, etc. is pivotal for the health of your farm. That’s why we work to create a platform of honest and trustworthy sellers that buyers can rely on.

The Importance of Choosing Quality Hay

The quality of hay is extremely important for the health of your animals. There are a few ways to determine if the hay you are purchasing is of good quality. One indication is the color of the hay. Healthy hay that has been baled at an appropriate time will have a vibrant green color all throughout. If the bale of hay is brown on the outside, it could indicate that it is sun bleached, or if it is yellow throughout, it could indicate that it was too mature when it was cut. Sun bleached hay or past-mature hay can have reduced nutrient value or even cause your animals to be sick. Dark brown or black hay is another indicator of unhealthy hay as it often means it was baled when wet and doesn’t hold a lot a nutritional value for your animals. Another indicator of healthy hay is the smell. Good quality hay will often smell sweet.

Choosing the Correct Type of Hay

The type of hay you need depends on the situation as there are different types of hay that are best for different types of animals. Alfalfa hay is a great choice for horses as it is easy for them to digest and is high in protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals. Cattle are a little bit easier to feed as they can tolerate dustier hay and even a little bit of mold. Good quality grass hay that was cut when green and still growing can be adequate for a cattle’s diet. Mature Goats can thrive off of a grass-legume mix and some grass hays, whereas kids and pregnant goats will often need alfalfa, clover, vetch, soybean or lespedeza. Goats are typically less sensitive to their feed and can tolerate more weeds in the hay than other animals. Sheep typically eat the same variety of feed as goats, and prefer fine, leafy varieties.

Buying and Selling Hay

SB Hay & Feed serves customers nationwide by giving farmers the opportunity to buy and sell all types of hay including alfalfa, wheat, bermuda, clover, oat, and timothy. You can search for specific types of hay, or for your city and state to find the best products for your livestock.

For more information about buying and selling hay, contact SB Hay & Feed today! Give us a call at 800-652-3036 or Contact Us via email. We look forward to getting you the feed you need for your livestock.