3 Benefits Of Hydrating Your Livestock Using Quality Hay

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Heat can be difficult for livestock to bear during the hot summer months. The effects of overheating can harm the animals as well as the pocketbooks of farmers who own the livestock. Medical bills and death due to this overheating can be a huge expense. It is extremely important to keep your livestock cool during these increasingly hot months. Though most people understand the normal procedures, like making sure there is enough water readily available, there is one lesser known safety commodity during this time. This commodity, quality hay, is great at helping to keep your livestock hydrated.

Gives your livestock the energy it needs

When an animal consumes hay, it gives the animal energy that aids in cooling processes and body temperature regulation. Hay is also an alternative to other food sources like grass, which can dry out or be stripped of nutritional value due to the heat.

However, hay can be difficult for the animal to digest and it requires a lot of energy for the process to be completed. A high quality product will help keep the animal cool, while low quality will only cause the animal to be more dehydrated. A low quality product will also deprive the animal of essential energy needed to keep a safe body temperature.

Helps save water

Using hay for your livestock will drastically decrease the necessity of water for cultivation or sprouting. You will have leftover water that can be redistributed among your other animals in times when hydration is needed. In a way, using a high quality product will allow for livestock to have plenty of water. As mentioned above, water is essential in keeping the animals cool.

Keeps medical costs low

To keep livestock cool during hot summer months, proper hydration, shade and rest should be the primary focus. Purchasing a high quality hay for your animals will provide them with needed energy to keep cool. The cost of medical care for your livestock is high. Using hay as a cooling mechanism can help keep your medical costs low.

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