3 Tips For Raising Grass Fed Cattle

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Raising grass fed cattle is a task that requires you to provide a healthy, balanced, and safe diet throughout the entire life of your animals. Grass fed beef is highly recommended for human consumption because a natural diet in cattle does not typically create health risks. In addition to grass, there are certified supplements that should be fed to your cattle to ensure year round productivity.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to feeding your cattle grass or hay. The quantity of feed your livestock needs depends on weight, age, the season, and the purpose for which they are being raised. By following these three tips, you will know how to properly feed and wean calves, as well as how to introduce your grass fed livestock to feeding bullocks.

How to feed calves

Calves should be able to suckle four to five time per day during the first week after birth. An adequate amount of colostrum is essential to the health of the calf because it helps them fight many diseases that occur in their early days.

A six-week-old calf can begin to be fed on grass or hay. The calf may not eat concentrated hay during the first days of being introduced, but this is normal. Calves usually start to develop interest in the grass hay and desire to be fed more after a few days.

Weaning the grass fed calves

Cattle meant for beef production should be weaned at 6 to 10 months and they should be about 400 to 650 pounds at that time. Calves can be fed grass at this time as well. Introduce small amounts of highly concentrated feed during the initial days following weaning.

When the cattle mature, move them to feedlots or yards where they will spend around 6 months. Use the correct hay feeders to maximize the use of hay during this time. Round bale feeders are a great option as they are known to minimize waste.

Feeding bullocks

Introduce your cattle to finishing pencils only when they are 12 weeks of age. You can help the calves fatten fast by keeping their feeding balanced and normal. Consider increasing rations steadily until the cattle reach the weight you are wanting for them. Make sure the carcass is well fleshed instead of over fattened. Beef that is grass fed is likely ready at 350-450kg. This weight can be achieved by 18 months of age.

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