Advances in the Hay Industry

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Advances in the Hay Industry

A particular tech has recently flooded the agricultural industry. It has been nearly 2 and a half years since the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration released commercial drone regulations, and since, drones have become more and more popular in farming. Munich Reinsurance America Inc. found that 74% of U.S. farmers currently use or are considering using drones to manage farms. These drones can be particularly useful for mobile surveillance and pesticide spreading. Imagine the time a farmer saves being able to check all of his hay for hail damage from one location.

Currently, commercial drone regulations are a work in progress. As drone technology advances, however, they could be used to monitor various aspects of crops such as nutrient deficiencies and disease thresholds. Drones and many other advances in technology have decreased the barriers of entry to grow and sell hay. Technology, such as balers with greater bale density, have also increased the efficiency of hay production and storage.

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