Bale Grazing

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Bale grazing has become an efficient way to feed cattle during winter months for many ranchers in colder regions of the U.S. By setting out evenly spaced bales in a field for cattle to graze, the waste from feeding and manure from cows can fertilize multiple fields during a winter. The bales, set out every two to four weeks, retain their nutrients because of the cold weather and lack of moisture. This method uses less land than stockpile or swath grazing would and can save ranchers valuable time. Many who utilize bale grazing suggest starting with just a few fields and a short period when first trying this method, as well as to be aware when the winter will end and thawing periods start.

Successful farming and ranching require constant adaptation. Finding and implementing new, more efficient methods like bale grazing is important in and industry that can demand so much time from those in it. SB Hay & Feed’s goal is to provide a more efficient way to buy and sell hay and feed across the country. As the agriculture industry continues to advance, we believe the marketing of it will be just as important.