Hay shortages in dry summer months

Monday, June 18th, 2018

This summer, hay supplies in the midwest United States may be lower than usual. A particularly dry winter, especially in areas like Southwest Missouri, prevented grass from growing to preferable heights and has caused livestock owners to have to use more hay than usual. Because of the increase in need for hay, livestock owners may find themselves having less hay stored up to use throughout the year. As the summer weather heats up, this shortage in hay may only continue to worsen, so how can livestock owners keep their livestock healthy and well-fed?

A common solution for livestock owners to keep their cattle well-fed is to simply reduce the number of cattle in the herd. Evaluating which cattle are producing the most and then selling the ones that are not as profitable can help make the hay supply last longer in tough months. Some livestock owners also mix their hay supply with other grasses to make a mixed feed for their livestock. Although this helps to stretch the longevity of the hay, it reduces the nutrition of the feed and thus the nutrition the cattle receives.

When grass supplies are low during dry seasons, horse owners in particular can struggle to find enough healthy food. Sourcing hay and feed from other farmers is a great way for these horse owners to keep their horses strong and healthy. In order to maintain or increase a horses’ healthiness and performance, hay and feed can be used to supplement the pasture grass.

The best solution for feeding livestock during months of shortage of hay is to partner with farmers from different areas of the country who have an excess supply. As one region of the United States struggles with dry weather, another region may be experiencing large amounts of rainfall and thus a great growth of various types of hay. SB Hay and Feed allows livestock owners across the country to connect with one another and distribute excess hay supplies to shortage areas.

SB Hay and Feed is proud to provide an easy platform for livestock owners across the United States to connect with one another and easily buy or sell hay and feed. Spencer Berry created SB Hay and Feed in order to connect livestock owners in need of hay with farmers across the U.S. and Canada. Visit our site to find the best hay for your horses and cattle, or sign up to sell your own hay!

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