A Healthy Cows Diet

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

A Healthy Cows Diet

Your cattle’s health has a direct causal relationship with the diet they receive. They need distinct ingredients in the makeup of their diet in order to grow into a healthy cow. Beef cattle require a mix of proteins, minerals, and vitamins in their diet. A cow can extract protein from plants such as Timothy grass, and also get their protein from legumes such as alfalfa hay. Minerals such as zinc, copper, and iodine are essential to a cow’s health and can be found in their feed. Making sure the feed is grown from quality soil is important in making sure there are enough nutrients in the feed. Vitamins A, D, and E are also important to a cows diet and can be found in quality feed.

How to Get Quality Feed

Ensuring your cattle get quality feed is important to your end product. Below are some questions you can ask your feed supplier to make sure you are getting high-quality feed.

  1. Does your equipment use only food-grade lubricant?
  2. Are there any other products stored at your facility?
  3. Were fertilizers or insecticides used on the hay field?
  4. Do you specialize in hay for your specific cattle?

How to Keep Your Hay Healthy

If you are selling hay, consider the questions above as well as a few of the questions we have gathered below to make sure your hay is of top quality.

  1. Do you cover your hay after it’s been baled? Is it stored indoors?
  2. Is your hay stored in a dry area with good drainage?
  3. Is older hay sold before newer hay?
  4. How is the airflow between bales?