How To Market Hay For Sale

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
Tractor hauling large round bales of hay

Many livestock owners are not been able to grow a proper amount of hay for their animals due to severe drought. There is a great demand for feed due to this issue, so it is quite possible to make a substantial profit by selling hay. If you are interested in selling hay, you should first find marketing opportunities and then choose your preferred marketing methods.

Find opportunities to market your hay for sale

Before you begin marketing your hay, you must discover marketing opportunities. Two main factors to consider are your location and the type of market you will be serving. Your best marketing opportunity can be local, regional, or even national. The market for hay can be different when comparing the needs of dairy producers, beef producers, and horse owners. One example of this difference is that many horse owners are willing to pay a higher price for a high-quality product.

With each market, you will encounter different specific needs. Some dairy producers will need alfalfa for milking cows and a low potassium grass for their dry cows. You should try to focus on the needs that match the product you are selling.

Marketing methods

It is essential that you utilize online resources to market your hay effectively. Several of the southern states have website directories where producers can sell and purchase different types of hay. Many states only allow hay producers to sell feed made in that state. The Texas Department of Agriculture allows farmers to call a hotline to sell feed that is produced out of state. Consider identifying the dry areas in the U.S. by using the U.S. Drought Monitor to know which areas you should target.

If you would rather not rely on the Internet to market your product, you should utilize word of mouth. The reputation you build will have an impact on your business in more ways than one. If you are fair and provide a good quality product, than you should know that your positive reputation will be spread to others naturally. You can also put up signage along popular roads.

Most feed is sold only 50 miles from its production site. Placing ads in newspapers, magazines, and bulletin boards are great ways to market your hay for sale both locally and further away.

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