Alfalfa Hay is a very popular feed. Alfalfa Hay is high in protein, fiber, vitamin and minerals. Feeding alfalfa has been proven to help cattle gain weight during the winter. This variety of hay is full of nutrients, with nearly 60 percent of them being digestible. About 20 percent of alfalfa is crude protein. This number is about double the amount of protein that grass hay contains. The nutrients in the alfalfa will help the digestive process and allow your cattle to absorb nutrients easily.

Alfalfa is a great option for more than weight gain. The University of Nevada conducted research which found that cows who ate alfalfa as a supplement were generally healthier. A problem many beef cattle encounter is a deficiency of Vitamin A within their diet. A healthy amount of green alfalfa hay has the Vitamin A your livestock needs to thrive, along with many other minerals. The nutrients contained in alfalfa make it more effective than alternative supplements. The nutritional benefits of giving livestock alfalfa as a supplement are why most choose this type of hay. Feeding this supplement also has benefits for livestock owners, as many consumers are looking for grass fed beef. Switching your traditional supplements with alfalfa will put your cattle in the very in-demand market for this beef.