Bermuda Hay has many different types. Some of the different popular varieties include Sahara Bermuda, Common Bermuda, Ranchero Frio, and Wrangler Bermuda. Bermuda Grass Hay tends to be less expensive than other types of hau. Bermuda Hay is high in Crude Fiber. Bermudagrass hay is often used in the southern regions of the United States. This type is equally as nutritious as timothy hay and is a viable substitute for timothy when it’s not available.

As with all grass hay, the nutritional value of bermudagrass can be enhanced when it is grown in conjunction with a legume. Bermudagrass normally does not grow tall enough to be produced as hay in most areas of the United States. The southern part of the country can produce a taller growth, and coastal bermudagrass can also be used.