A Short History Of Haymaking

Friday, June 24th, 2016
Tractor hauling large round bales of hay

The process of haymaking has been around for hundreds of years. Although today’s machinery makes for a much simpler and faster task, haymaking was once a very difficult, time consuming job. In the 17th and 18th centuries, haymakers had little output. The process of harvesting hay was done using bare hands or crude tools. Thankfully, seeds were brought from abroad so farmers could make a greater quantity of the product in a shorter amount of time. Further advancements over the years made the haymaking process less tiresome. The following information will cover the rise of haymaking as tools and machinery advanced and increased the industry’s popularity.

Advancement of haymaking tools and machinery

The production of hay spiked around the year 1790, as new machinery was introduced due to the Industrial Revolution. The wooden rake was the main innovation that first helped the business. Finally, haymaking could be done without relying on hands alone. In the mid-19th century, implementing cutting and seeding tools became popular. Animals were also introduced around this time as tools that could transport farmers around their fields.

These inventions and ideas allowed large areas of land to be cleared and made dispersing hay seeds a less tiresome chore. Although haymaking was still a difficult activity, it became much more efficient. Further advances in the industry, particularly the tractor, helped streamline the haymaking process. As vehicular transportation followed, animals were used less. The use of tractors allowed the farmer to cover even more land. At this time, hay was becoming a more profitable business.

Growth of the haymaking industry

The popularity of haymaking increased quickly. Initially, the business was minimal and haymaking looked undesirable to many farmers. However, the advancement of technology caused the industry to gain speed and that speed never stopped. Over the course of two centuries, what was once a slow occupation evolved into a much easier process. Haymaking changed completely due to many technologies. These advancements have made haymaking the profitable business that it is today.

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