Stretching Your Hay Supply In Winter Months

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

During long winter months, owners of livestock often struggle to keep their animals well-fed. When snow falls, cold rain pours, or a freeze covers the pasture, the quality and availability of hay and feed dramatically decreases. In order to keep livestock healthy, owners have to work extra hard to extend the range of a bale of hay and acquire additional bales.

In order to face minimal impacts from dwindling hay supplies in the forecasted winter months, livestock owners need to practice smart strategies.

One strategy to stretch a short hay supply during winter months is to simply feed your livestock less. In order to do this, it is important to sell livestock that is underperforming. By selling livestock that are not performing at the same standard as others, you can ensure that your money spent on hay and feed is being returned by the livestock’s performance. When feeding the strong performing livestock, it’s important to feed in a manner that reduces waste. Livestock that is given access to hay and feed for shorter hours at a time will waste less hay than livestock that is given access all day. This technique requires more work for those handling the livestock, but helps to reduce the amount of limited hay supply that is wasted.

Another strategy for feeding livestock when your hay supplies are falling is to partner with farmers who have an excess supply. Websites like SB Hay and Feed connect farmers across America to support those with a short supply of hay with those in excess. By choosing to purchase hay from other areas, you can ensure that your livestock are receiving the best quality and highest nutrition hay when your own hay supply may fall short. It’s also a great option to find a wide variety of hay and feed for every animal in your herd. It’s easy to contact with these farmers to learn information about how the hay was baled and stored, and to set up delivery terms. Instead of trying to stretch your own supply of poor nutrition hay, partner with farmers who are not hit by the winter weather as strongly.

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