Understanding How Horse And Livestock Hay Markets Differ

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

The business of selling hay to horse owners can be quite a profitable enterprise. Unfortunately, many hay producers wrongly believe that selling hay as a livestock feed is the same as selling it to horse owners. The markets are incredibly different and it can be a mistake to lump the two together. You will likely have a much closer relationship with the horse owners purchasing from you if you can offer them valuable information about your product. If you are planning to sell hay to horse owners, it is important to understand what they are looking for and the nutritional requirements of their horses.

What typical horse owners want from their hay

Typically, a horse owner will want to purchase small, square bales since they may not have the ability to store large amounts of hay. The quality of the bales is of the most importance to horse owners. Most owners will not accept bales with weeds or even a trace of mold, as mold is linked to issues such as breathing problems.

Aesthetics matter more to horse owners than livestock owners. The color, texture, and smell of hay will dictate how much a horse owner will spend on your product. Even if you are selling a high quality product, your bales will typically sell for less if they are weathered or sun-bleached.

Nutritional requirements of horses

The nutritional requirements of horses will vary based on things like the animal’s age and activity level. Horses with average to low activity levels can usually meet their energy and protein needs through grass hay. If a horse has high activity levels or is pregnant, alfalfa hay is the better choice.

Another important factor in selling horse hay is consistency. Colic occurs in horses when the amount or type of hay they are eating is changed abruptly. All changes in hay need to be introduced gradually, so horse owners must be made aware when changes are made to your product.

To make a profit in the horse feed market, you must have knowledge to share as well as a high quality product. Fortunately, once you form a relationship with your customers, your profit margins should quickly rise. If you would like to learn more about feed for horses or livestock, contact SB Hay & Feed in Amarillo, Texas. Call us today at (800) 652-3036 or Contact Us by email for more information. We aim to help farmers with abundant hay serve other farmers in need across the United States. Don’t forget to view the hay we have available to buy or sell your own!