Where Can You Find Bermuda Hay In The United States?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Bermuda is the most common type of perennial grass that you see used in hay production and for livestock purposes. This type is of the highest quality, and it is also able to withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for farming. However, you can’t find Bermuda hay just anywhere because it is native to a specific region. Bermuda hay can be found mainly in the southern and central region of the United States. While this type is best suited for warmer climates, it can be grown in cold areas. However, growing this crop in cold areas is not recommended. There are many different types to choose from for your livestock and all types provide nutritional benefits. You should select the type that is best suited for the overall needs of your livestock.

Bermuda hay can be found in the southern and central region of the United States

You will see this type of hay in Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona, and Tennessee, along with other regions along the southern part of the country. Yuma is the top producer of Bermuda, and the hot Arizona climate is the perfect place for this crop to successfully grow.

Bermuda hay is best suited for warmer climates, but can be grown in cold areas

There are different varieties of Bermuda hay that may acclimate to various environments and be better suited for cool or warm climates. Once the hay starts growing, it’s all but impossible to stop it, and its tenacious nature makes it perfect farm grass. It’s also a great option due to the fact that it is a perennial hay and never needs to be regrown.

For best results, Bermuda is grown in sunny areas and tends to flourish in warmer climates, though it is frost resistant. Some newer varieties of Bermuda are easier to grow in chillier climates. However, it’s not recommended to grow this crop in cold areas.

Different types of Bermuda hay

When it comes to feeding livestock, Bermuda hay provides nutritious foraging for cows and other animals. This crop grows to be tall and hardy, making it the perfect size for feeding. Some of the different popular varieties include Sahara Bermuda, Common Bermuda, Ranchero Frio, and Wrangler Bermuda. The differences between these Bermuda hay types is essentially which types do better in specific climates. However, some types, such as Sahara, actually yield a higher quality of hay than other types. Mohawk works well for grazing purposes, and Wrangler is the perfect choice if you have had a hard time growing this crop where you are.

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